Quality Criteria

With the processes defined, we then consolidated a set of quality criteria. These criteria will help us analyze and categorize vulnerabilities within each process.

The criteria are as follows:


Accuracy is the system ability to reflect legitimately, faithfully and deterministically the voters will. This criterion addresses other critical features as security and usability.


Transparency is the system ability to generate a persistent, immutable and verifiable trace of all actions performed.


Accountability is the ability to guarantee that the source of the actions cannot repudiate their execution each process.


Speed is the system ability of execute its action in the shortest time possible, avoiding to generate any delay. This can be a relative criterion, so we are defining it as making sure that no delays hinder the execution of any activities.


Flexibility is the system ability to adapt and allow any changes during advanced phase of the project (applications changes, run-off elections) ensuring their integrity.


Resiliency is the system ability to guarantee the operational integrity as well as enable easy backup and fast recovery mechanisms.


Equality is the system ability that allows that any electoral actor can execute their function with no discrimination.  No person is discriminated to participate in any part of the process (candidate and voter registration, voting, etc).


Reach is the system ability to be mobilized to anywhere maintaining their physical and functional integrity (Making the processes available to all interested actors).


Anonymity is the system ability that guarantees the secrecy of the vote.