Ballot Production

Phase Process Sub- Process Vulnerability/Threat 
Pre-Election Ballot Production Ballot Printing Ballot Printing Errors:
Printing errors on a paper ballot can cause voters to misunderstand the ballot and potentially vote for the wrong candidate, thus increasing the rate of invalid ballots
Pre-Election Ballot Production Ballot Printing Ballot doess not have security mechanisms:
The ballot doesn’t have security mechanisms to guarantee that the ballots are valid: UV marks
Pre-Election Ballot Production Ballot Printing Long Time of Production:
A significant amount of time and money is necessary for the physical management of paper ballots. New ballots must be designed, printed, packaged and transported to each polling location, and marked ballots must be collected from multiple sites, transported and placed in storage. This lengthy process is repeated for each election cycle.
Pre-Election Ballot Production Forms printing (counting, consolidation forms) Counting and Consolidation Form Printing Errors:
This kind of error can cuase distrust in the process producing different kinds of  reaccions
Pre-Election Ballot Production Ballot box production Unsecure Ballot Boxes:
Easy to infringe the ballot box for sabotage
Pre-Election Ballot Production Electoral kit preparation Insufient provision of electoral material:
The insufficient provision of electoral material causes inequality on the citizen’s opportunities to vote