Voter Authentication

Phase Process Sub- Process Vulnerability/Threat 
Election Day Voter Authentication Open Polls Delay shipment of absentee ballots:
Intentionally delaying the shipment of ballots to certain citizens, in order to reduce their time to reply with the vote.
Election Day Voter Authentication N/A Poll Worker Delay:
Poll-workers do not fully understand the tasks they’re responsible for, and the process is delayed.
Election Day Voter Authentication N/A Impersonation:
An unathorized person votes for another registered voter (e.g. ghost voting, absentee was filled by someone else, oversee voter not updated).Impersonating an eligible voter:
An attacker or a voter casts multiple votes via a particular voting channel or by using multiple voting channels. This affects the right to vote, which also covers the provision preventing multiple votes being cast.
Election Day Voter Authentication N/A Voting when not eligible:
Someone is allowed to vote when not eligible to do so.
Election Day Voter Authentication N/A Absentee vote + Elec.Day vote:
Citizen first votes Absentee or Early, then goes and votes on Election Day.
Election Day Voter Authentication N/A Disenfranchisements of voters:
Certain groups are made uneligble to vote (even though they may be legally found in the voting registry). This may be accomplished through legislation, discrimination, etc.
Election Day Voter Authentication N/A No measurement to identify voters who already cast their vote:
A person that already voted can utilize another person’s identification, and if there are no means to identify if that person already voted he (she) will vote again.