Results Publication

PhaseProcessSub- ProcessVulnerability/Threat 
Post-ElectionResults publicationN/AThe EMB has not finished canvassing and results are being distributed to the public through other channels:
The EMB hasn’t finish the total count of votes and other channels (e.g. mainstream media, alternative media and political parties, social networks, etc.) start providing unofficial results with a questionable accuracy.
Post-ElectionResults publicationN/AProclamation takes too much time:
The proclamation process is affected by inopportunes that were not taken into account which affects the rapidity of the counting of the ballots.
Post-ElectionResults publicationN/AModification of proclamation reports:
The original results of the counting and canvassing are not printed on the proclamation report, insted, the proclamation report is modified froms ist original version.
Post-ElectionResults publicationN/AProclamation is not done by all existing media mass:
Proclamation is done only by certain media mass. People who does not have access to television or Internet will not get informed of the electoral decision.
Post-ElectionResults publicationN/ARedundancy information is not identical, neither reliable:
If the information is not digitalized, is probable that the operator makes mistakes in the data transcription, therefore the information is not identical and not truthful.
Post-ElectionResults publicationN/ACreate a contingency data base takes to much time:
Takes to much time make a copy of an entire data base if the information is not digitalized