Phase Process Sub- Process Vulnerability/Threat 
Election Day Consolidation N/A Destruction/modification of ballots or tally:
The tally is altered in order to favor a determinate party/candidate/option or some ballots are destroyed in order to substract votes to a party/candidate/option.
Election Day Consolidation N/A The procedure or algorithm to adjudicate the winners is not reliable:
The procedure to count votes and adjudicate the winners is not clear and accurate (human errors in manually count or transcription)
Election Day Consolidation N/A Canvassing takes too much time
The canvassing process is affected by inopportunes that were not taken into account which affects the rapidity of the counting of the ballots.
Election Day Consolidation N/A An attacker or a malfunction generates duplicates of votes that cannot be detected as such, which affects the result.
Election Day Consolidation N/A Premature counting or disclosure of partial results
An attacker initiates counting before the desired time and gains access to partial or premature results. Partial results also affect the confidentiality of votes on the
basis of data trails.
Election Day Consolidation N/A Partial counting
An attacker initiates counting of disaggregated sub-sets of the votes which may reveal the vote on the basis of data trails.