Polling Location Management

Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationNot Enough Voting Locations:
The amount of registered voters per voting location is too high to avoid long queues of voters waiting in line during election day.
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationVoting Locations are difficult to access:
Voting locations are in a place with difficult access. Complicating the setup and execution of the election.
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationThere are no access for impairment citizens:
All polling places must provide physical access for people in wheelchairs, visually impaired, advanced age, etc.
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationGhost Polling Places:
>There is allocation for “ghost” polling places not officially considered and which can be used to alter election results.
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationVoting Location Information is not Unique:
There can be repeated names of voting location within the same jurisdiction (e.g. two voting locations are set in two schools with the same name within a country). From an identification point of view, there must be alternative or different identifications for voting locations.
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationThe conditions of Voting Location are not the same:
Some voting locations don’t have a equivalent set of conditions to guarantee that all voters have the same opportunity to vote.
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationPartiality of Election Officials:
Lack of access to certain parties, observers or NGOs to voting locations, because of restrictions introduced by the EMB.
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationVoting Location is not within the boundary of electoral jusrisdiction:
Sometimes, for operative reasons, or because there is a multiprecinct voting location, these can be found within the boundaries of a bordering jurisdiction to which it doesn’t correspond.
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationLast minute modifications:
Change or elemination of voting location product of natural disaster or other impediment
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationVoter allocation to voting locations is not consistent:
Voter assignment to voting locations isn´t consistent
Pre-ElectionPolling Location MgmtAllocationMistakes in the generation of polling station lists:
Transcriptions errors related to names, ID number,or lack of a voter on the list elaborated manually