Phase Process Sub- Process Vulnerability/Threat 
Election Day Counting N/A Destruction/modification of ballots
Valid voted ballots are destroyed, invalidated or just not counted during tally.
Election Day Counting N/A Voter is unable to verify if his vote was counted:
A process to verify that the vote has been counted does not exist, no printed vote receipt exists, or it cannot can be veiwed.
Election Day Counting N/A Counting takes too much time:
The counting process is affected by inopportunes that were not taken into account which affects the rapidity of the counting of the ballots.
Election Day Counting N/A Miscounting:
Whether intentionally or because of error, voted ballots are not counted properly. Electoral results don’t reflect the will of voters.
Election Day Counting N/A Loss of the printed votes (vote support):
Printed votes used for audit count in some electronic voting machines might get lost.
Election Day Counting N/A Malfunction of systems or services in the post-voting stage:
A malfunction irrecoverably destroys votes, disrupts the counting process or leads to errors in the counting process which affects the result. A malfunction disrupts the ability to generate an election or referendum report or irrecoverably destroys the report.
Election Day Counting N/A Denial-of-service against the counting process:
An attacker disrupts the counting process or its services, thus the availability of the counting result is not ensured.